Void API Method

This method refunds/credits money to the specific customer account for cashing out at a POS. This method is called when the customer decides to void the cashout option or if there is a timeout on the original call. All the limits, if any on the customer account, is enforced by the partner. The operation should be idempotent.

URI: /programs/PROGRAMCODE/cashout/void



originalAuthorizationIdStringMin 6 characters
Max 25 characters
ConditionalThe authorization Id returned by the Partner in the AuthCommit response. If AuthCommit timed out, this value will not be sent
transactionReferenceString Min 32 characters
Max 36 characters
ConditionalGreen Dot’s generated transaction reference number. If AuthCommit timed out, the transactionReference number generated in AuthCommit will be sent
transactionDateTimeStringUTCYesUTC time of the transaction

Note: This method either requires an originalAuthorizationId or transactionReference.

transactionReference will always be sent

originalAuthorizationId will be sent if the AuthCommit request succeeded.

Sample Request

POST https\://<<partnerUrl>>/programs/<<programCode>>/cashout/void
Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IjEiLCJwaS5hdG0iOiJnbXNoIn0.eyJzY29wZSI6IiIsImF1dGhvcml6YXRpb25fZGV0YWlscyI6W10sImNsaWVudF9pZCI6IlVBSUQxMDYzN01OTWljcm9TZXJ2aWNlcyIsImV4cCI6MTcwNzQ3MjcwNX0.d0ohO825c2GaXlBsK_eFx8cyntDzL6f5n-xBfICzGlWpgs1Sop93e36PAiQEse2uScC9QjZoxmg9X312FbJMfipMqbhE5NTZWnL_ofme9gMXDP4OBUwCWnLIgxn5xQS_6JV7z21CEfTtOFi4IHGyaQltxNIE55w-IfQ5npe0S433Np7PC-PGr-7gbB0ouaI-mtti2wGmUXNjb5RqJfpYZXM4nLWhf_O3nIQUSkClIYjjdVSr7bQP2m96OQ8J88-tRdnKy5894UjNYI3yrC6L8r_IfsqhzKjqeAbvongaQiqsNPwEHIHFcU_1FWG70xJYTntIu6HPqGB4CQvjWxHz0VMLku0ygwIH4lG62AEZNHFmSFiUxVNOLAfX-JEIdONbP537MJ5jkx4LuSss6gARbJmdNmO64hK3BgiwKzaatva0FNxzQ4F5J13GHTmMOZcWbEw44ANUPymVtC77mfQmC_LoaboMLei-9Ta1FRSijSoNM0p1m4c8RXina0ptRfz56jpeQ7okaba_dGPvQ0SSbxbiN503P0CJ7TD3UR2DgQdHECb3DRzK-Cbo-k9UNCITbbko3kYKOb9VuXo3JhBs7d6Tf3Cp4ds_9pPyrfIDqGR-ECY4ubcilMtQRblQRMI3qg7zvnjdWjPSK3hSpKunJ7nWCiIQ9lePgo5VLcH2_Lw
X-GD-AuthenticationType: OAuth
X-GD-RequestId: b7b22dc0-6640-11eb-ae93-0242ac130002
Content-Type: application/json
Host: localhost:44362
Content-Length: 193

    "originalAuthorizationId": "57c36273-b231-431c-91a3-b9d997360fce",
    "transactionReference": "e9d7b5aa1c0a4f538358a74462d7c1d8",
    "transactionDateTime": "2024-02-09T03:34:02.7767408Z"


confirmationIdStringUUIDIf transaction is found, this is the Confirmation Id generated by Partner for the operation

If transaction is not found, this field can be left empty
claimCodeString10-30 digitclaimcode on which void is performed

If transaction is not found, this field can be left empty
transactionStatusStringMax 25 charsTransaction status after the operation is performed. See table above for possible transactionstatus

If transaction is not found, this field can be left empty
claimCodeStatusStringMax 25 charsPossible values: new, pending, consumed, expired. In this case, if the operation is successful, it will return new.

If transaction is not found, this field can be left empty.
responseDetailsObjectN/AResponse Details object.

Note: If transaction is not found, the response must be HTTP 2xx with code =954 and subcode 625

A HTTP status code of 503 or code = 954 with any other subCode, will trigger settlement mismatch alerts and start the manual resolution process

Sample Response

       "claimCode": "EC*******75",
       "claimCodeStatus": "Voided",
       "confirmationid": "eb7a1356-8699-43ce-8dab-7b914ac02b72",
       "responseDetails": {
         "code": 0,
         "codeDescription": "Success",
         "subCode": 0,
         "subCodeDescription": "Success"
       "transactionStatus": "Voided"