Authorization Header

authorization: Basic Access Authentication as defined by RFC 1945 11.1 with credentials supplied by Green Dot. All operations will return an HTTP 401 if the authorization value is not properly populated. This header is required.

(Version 1.2 and above)

The authorization header is in the format of:

Authorization: Basic \<base64 encoded <username>:<Password>>

where Password is the plain text password.

In c#, an encoded authentication string can be created using the following code snippet:

string encodedAuthentication=Convert.ToBase64String((Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(apiUsername+”:”+Password))));

An example of an authorization header is:

Authorization: Basic R3JlZW5Eb3Q6dkdaY0NFT2k0VnVFVWxSSFN5RDRQRlA3L2hZPQ==