BaaS APIs Overview

Welcome to the Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) APIs provided by Green Dot. Here at Green Dot, we understand that quality APIs must cater to two distinct audiences: our Partners and their Developers. Partners must be able to rely on our APIs ability to keep up with the demands of their processes, while their developers need clear and concise documentation along with a user-friendly design that will seamlessly integrate into any of their products.

The goal of our BaaS suite of APIs is to enable you, our partners, to easily expand your financial services in a cost-effective way. Our APIs provide you with the core banking services infrastructure you need to:

  • Seamlessly integrate into your current applications
  • Launch additional financial products
  • Expand into additional markets

We do this by providing you with a customized related set of products, services, accounts, users, activities, and transactions for your brand-owning organization in a secure manner.

The BaaS APIs are RESTful, meaning they use HTTP verbs (GET, PUT, POST) to perform functions on objects. Specifically:

  • GET is used to retrieve
  • PUT is used to update
  • POST is used to create

Our APIs are developer-friendly and use JSON format along with OAuth2.0 authorization. Upon onboarding, we also offer you access to our sandbox environment.


The UTC format is the date/time standard used across all BaaS APIs.