Release Notes



Release notes are now being held in our Changelog.

Welcome to Green Dot's online Release Documentation repository. The purpose of this documentation is to provide you, our valued partners, with the details you need to transition from each new release to the next. In addition, the content herein is designed to help you:

  • Understand the technical details associated with the current release
  • Reference details for previous releases
  • Plan for future releases

Our release documentation is constantly evolving. So we welcome your input on how we can make it better for you. If you have any suggestions, please submit them to your account manager and we will take them into consideration.

Documentation Process

Following is the process we use to develop our release documentation.


Pre-Release documentation is currently not being created until further notice.

After the Green Dot BaaS release team completes and approves the list of current release enhancements, the following occurs:

  1. The release team updates all technical specifications with the most current details and makes them available to the documentation team.
  2. The documentation team evaluates the specifications for those release items requiring partner documentation.
    Note: Typically, this does not include general maintenance or performance enhancements. Instead, release documentation focuses primarily on partner-facing details (new codes, messages, reports, procedures, etc.) that promote a seamless transition from one release to the next.
  3. The documentation team develops comprehensive release documentation using all forms of input provided. This includes (but is not limited to) technical specifications, coding libraries, interviews with various team members, etc.
  4. The documentation team submits the content to the various teams for review, then applies any needed updates.
  5. On release day, we publish the full Release documentation. This includes any new or changed details that may have changed since the pre-release time frame. Also on release day or shortly thereafter, we update and re-publish all other API static portal pages that the current release affects.

The releases page details the current and previous releases.

Confidentiality Statement

The contents of this documentation, as well as all appendices, supplements, and follow up communications, constitute confidential and proprietary information and are governed by one or more agreements between Green Dot and Partner. These materials may only be used and disclosed in accordance with the terms of those agreements. If you are not certain whether you should have access to this document or how you may use the contents of this document, please stop reading now and consult the appropriate legal resource within your company.