Cash Deposits and Payments Overview

Cash Deposits and Payments APIs Overview

The Green Dot Network (GDN) Cash Deposits and Payments APIs consist of the following:

Consumption API - Enables partners to authorize and accept cash deposits and payments made by their customers at Green Dot Network retailers. For complete information, refer to the Consumption API section.

Partner Web API - This is a REST API used to stage eCash barcode-based Cash-In transactions by enabling partners to:

  • Generate eCash barcodes linked to the target account or transaction
  • obtain lists of retailers

For complete information, refer to the Partner Web API section.

Retail Transaction Simulator - This is a Cash-In Simulation service that simulates a Consumption API call at various retailers for the following transactional simulation features:

  • Walmart Swipe Reload
  • CVS Swipe Reload & eCash Load
  • Walgreens Swipe Reload & eCash Load
  • Rite Aid Swipe Reload & eCash Load
  • Kroger Swipe Reload & eCash Load

For complete information, refer to the Retail Transaction Simulator section.

POB Partner API - The POB (Point of Banking) Partner API provides an alternative method to the Consumption API to receive cash deposit transactions to debit card accounts. This API authenticates Green Dot and the Partner, obtains customer information, processes transactions, and returns responses back to the retailer. For complete information, refer to the POB Partner API section.

Store API - This is a REST API that partners use to obtain a list of stores where the specific Cash-In services are available. The results can then be displayed to the users on the Partner’s mobile app or website. The API uses different endpoints to produce a list of stores by:

  • Zip code
  • Longitude and latitude

For complete information, refer to the Stores API section.

Green Dot Network Transactions

The Green Dot Network (GDN) APIs allow your company to accept cash at Green Dot’s Retailer Network for a wide range of user cases including:

  • Cash Deposit to debit cards
  • Cash top-up to virtual accounts
  • Bill Payments
  • Rent payments
  • Collections payments
  • Crypto accounts
  • Many more

Note: If your company uses a processor for your accounts that is already integrated into the GDN, you do not need to integrate to the Consumption API to handle payment authorization and posting. 

GDN Integrated Processor Partners

Our integrated GDN processor partners include:

  • FIS North
  • Galileo
  • Jack Henry
  • FIS Direct
  • FSV
  • Paysign
  • Synapse
  • MCrePower
  • i2C
  • The Perfect Processor
  • Cascade Fintech
  • First Data