Customer Care

Customer Care APIs can be used for creating customer support cases, customizing UI for customer support, and enabling customers to create support cases.

Customer Care API Endpoints

Create Customer Support Cases

The Customer Care API:

  • Creates customer support cases for scenarios, where Green Dot is responsible for providing tier 1 and tier 2 customer support on your behalf.
  • Customizes User Interfaces for customer support.
  • Enables customers to create support cases for Green Dot agents to view and resolve.

API Call Structure

POST programs/{programCode}/customerCare/cases

How it Works

  1. The partner’s customer creates a case using their mobile app by calling POST programs/{programCode}/customerCare/cases.
  2. A new customer case is created in Salesforce for Green Dot’s agents, allowing them to handle the case.
  3. The partner receives the case number in their response details. The case number can also be displayed to the customer.

Sample Request Body

   "subject":"Registering Your Card",
   "customerQuestion":"Free form question ….",

Request Parameters

  • programcode - Required string. Program code for partner program.
  • subject - Required string. Subject of the question, 1-100 characters max.
  • firstName - Required string. Contains the user's first name (1-100 characters).
  • lastName - Required string. Contains the user's last name (2-100 characters).
  • customerQuestion - Required string. Contains question details collected from the customer (1-5000 characters).
  • emailAddress - Required string. Contains the user's email address (max 255 characters).
  • accountIdentifier - Required string. Unique account identifier.
  • phoneNumbers - Optional object. Contains phone numbers and related types information.
  • number - Optional numeric value. Contains the phone number.
  • type - Optional enum value that returns the type of phoneNumber the user provides.
    Types include: mobile, home, and work.
  • deviceID - Optional alphanumeric value. Contains the unique ID for this device.
  • deviceVersion - Optional alphanumeric value. Contains the version of the device.
  • deviceOS - Optional alphanumeric value. Contains the unique value for this device's OS.
  • deviceOSVersion - Optional alphanumeric value. Contains the version of this device's OS.

Sample Response Body


Response Codes

ScenarioHTTP Status CodeCodesubCodeDescription
Required Field4002000Required field is missing.
Length Greater Than 1004004000The {propertyname} should not be more than 100 characters
customerQuestion length > 500 chars.4004000The customerQuestion should not be more than 500 characters.
Email > 2554004000The emailAddress should not be more than 255 characters.
Invalid Number4006400The number is invalid.
Invalid Type4006000The phoneType is invalid.
Invalid String4006400The {propertyName} is invalid.
Invalid Business Date4009350The new funding date (mm/dd/yyyy) is not a valid business date.