FSC Retail Overview


Financial Service Center (FSC) Retail Service is an RPC style JSON API which interfaces with the GD system for different prepaid card and Direct Deposit Account (DDA) transactions, such as new card sales, reloads, unloads, as well as obtaining account information and voiding pending transactions.

The main function of the FSC Retail Service is to communicate with Green Dot for different prepaid card transactions.

Types of Prepaid Card and DDA transactions are:

  • Validate Registration (CIP Check)
  • New Card Sale
  • Initial/Swipe Reload
  • Get Card Information
  • Void/Cancel Reload
  • Unload Funds

Service Endpoint and Environments

V1 Endpoint

Base URL: https://{env}-fscpartner-apim.go2bankonline.com/fscpartner/v1

"Env" is short for environment. "Prod" is for the production environment, and "pie" is for the pre-production environment.

GDC provides the following pre-production environment:

  • PIE (Partner Integration Environment). This is the most stable pre-production environment. It mirrors the current production environment throughout Green Dot’s development cycle with the exception of the last week prior to the next release.
  • Domain: pie-fscpartner-apim.go2bankonline.com

API Endpoint Categories

The following sections outline the technical REST Service Endpoint specifications for the FSC Retail Service. The communication protocol used is HTTPS.


This method verifies the connectivity with FSC service.

Account Creation

This method validates whether customer can purchase and be registered for a new card or not. Multiple identity types are supported to validate a new customer. A “Registration Token” returns, which is used in Sale Card Method to register the customer with the card.

This operation is used to provide ID documentation in the case when ValidateRegistration response comes with ValidateRegistrationCure = IDV. On successful response from this endpoint (ValidateRegistrationCure = Healthy), SaleCard endpoint can be called.

This method is used to sell a card to a customer. If a “RegistrationToken” passes, then the card gets registered to the customer’s name.

This operation is used to get direct deposit information (account and routing number) for a given account.

Money Movement

This method is used to reload money to a Green Dot or a Green Dot Partner Card.

This method is used to validate if retailer or store is allowed to do cash unload.

Validated items:

• If Retailer is authorized for unloads.
• If Store is valid.

This operation validates the below and is used to check if the account is unload-able when customer provides card details and unload amount.

• If card is Green Dot Card (Non-GD card is not allowed)
• If status of the account/card is healthy.
• If validateAmount is true, system will do balance & limit check.

This operation performs a debit on the account for the requested unload amount, provided that all the validations are successful.

This operation is used to void a load transaction within the funding delay window.

This operation is used to reverse a previous authorized load transaction.

Card Management

The GetCardInfo method is used to get the balance of the card. This information would be useful for Reload, customer balance inquiry.

This operation is used to replace the card for different reasons and replace it immediately with a temp/perso card in store.

This operation is used to search by various parameters to retrieve the Account/Card Status Info. Only one of three options below should be used to perform search. Combination search is not supported.

• AccountNumber
• PhoneNumber
• Combination of IdentityType, IdentityNumber and IssuerCountryCode


This operation is to retrieve the transaction information using the “RequestID” as the TransactionID sent in a Reload or Unload request. It will only return transaction info within the last 12 hours.

Note: The transaction info contains a field named [VoidableCode], it indicates if the transaction can be voided or not at that time.

This operation is used to get transaction history of the card.

Teller Management

This operation is used to create a RetailChainUser (teller) if there is no user in the system. If the user id already exists, then user information will be updated.

This operation is to associate an employee card with RetailChainUser(teller). The teller’s First/Last name should match the card holder’s First/Last name.

This operation is used to get RetailChainUser (teller) information by retailChainUserId.