Green Dot APIs Overview

This page will help you get started with the GD API Developer Portal.

Powered by Green Dot, BaaS is a scalable and configurable platform that partners use to provide banking and payments features rapidly and seamlessly, resulting in deep and meaningful relationships with their users.

Banking services

Provide your customers with friendly, seamless, safe, and convenient banking solutions.

Build deeper customer relationships

Cultivate customer loyalty, engagement, and retention by offering debit cards and digital banking experiences under your brand.


Offer your customers safe and seamless access to their money, building confidence and control in managing and moving their money.

You can leverage Green Dot APIs to access our network of over 90,000 retail stores that accept cash on your behalf. You control real-time approval of cash deposits to your debit cards, cash top-up to your virtual accounts, and accept cash payments from your customers. You can use our eCash mobile barcode technology or debit card-swipe-acceptance capabilities to allow your customers to complete the cash-in at the retail POS.

Core Products

Consumption API

Guides and assists partners with integrating with the Green Dot Network. This API also enables partners to authorize and accept cash deposits and payments made by their customers at Green Dot Network retailers.

Partner Web API

REST API used to stage eCash barcode-based Cash-In transactions by enabling the partner to:

  • Generate eCash barcodes linked to the target account or transaction
  • Obtain lists of retailers

Retailer ISO API

API for connecting with the Green Dot system for exchanging information for verifying prepaid new card and reload sales.

Point of Banking (POB) API

Provides an alternative method to the Consumption API to receive cash deposit transactions to debit card accounts.

Store API

REST API used by GDN partners to obtain the list of stores where the given product features are available. The results can then be displayed to the users on the Partner’s mobile app or website.

Use our restful APIs to access Green Dot’s leading instant transfers network of networks and Green Dot Bank sponsorship to post funds to any debit card in the USA in near real-time. Use our Transfer APIs to handle contractor, gig-worker, employee wage instant payouts, Peer-to-Peer transfers, and instant transfers between same owner accounts at different financial institutions.

Cash Pickup enables partners to provide their customers instant access to cash at participating retail locations in order to:

  • Withdraw cash from an account or digital wallet
  • Push payouts to customers that lack an account or prefer to receive funds in cash

Financial Service Center (FSC) Retail Service is an RPC style JSON API which interfaces with the GD system for different prepaid card and Direct Deposit Account (DDA) transactions, such as new card sales, reloads, unloads, as well as obtaining account information and voiding pending transactions.

The main function of the FSC Retail Service is to communicate with Green Dot for different prepaid card transactions.

Types of Prepaid Card and DDA transactions are:

  • Validate Registration (CIP Check)
  • New Card Sale
  • Initial/Swipe Reload
  • Get Card Information
  • Void/Cancel Reload
  • Unload Funds