Core APIs

The BaaS suite of APIs are built upon the following core APIs:


The Enrollments API allows Partners to:

  • Enroll a new user
  • Create the new user’s account
  • Create the new user’s payment instrument (card)


The Users API allows Partners to:

  • Update current user information
  • Retrieve current user information


The Accounts API allows Partners to:

  • List the transactions for a specific account
  • Retrieve account details
  • Retrieve user’s primary account balances
  • List available account statements for a specific period
  • Verify user identities through Know Your Customer (KYC) and Green Dot

Payment Instruments

The Payment Instruments API allows Partners to:

  • Create a new physical payment instrument for users
  • Create a new virtual payment instrument for users
  • Retrieve user’s payment instrument details
  • Set and reset ATM pins for users
  • Replace payment instruments for users
  • Request initial physical payment instruments for users
  • Activate payment instruments for users


The Transfers API allows users to:

  • Transfer their funds to and from their internal accounts (purses)
  • Transfer their funds to and from their external accounts
  • Deposit checks into their accounts


The BillPay API allows Partners to:

  • Setup a payee to receive bill payments from users
  • Provide users with the ability to schedule future bill payments (including one-time and recurring payments) with the payee
  • View and manage bill payments

ATM Locator

The ATM Locator API allows Partners to:

  • Search ATM locations

Customer Care

The Customer Care API allows Partners to:

  • Create customer support cases for scenarios, where Green Dot is responsible for providing tier 1 and tier 2 customer support on the Partner’s behalf
  • Customize User Interface for customer support
  • Allow customers to create support cases for Green Dot agents to view and resolve

Retail Locator

The Retail Locator API allows Partners to:

  • Search for nearby retailers who allow cash reloads using:
    • SwipeReload
    • eCash


The eCash API allows Partners to:

  • Provide users the ability to create and use barcodes to add cash to their accounts at participating eCash locations
  • Retrieve a list of participating eCash partners associated with a program code
  • Retrieve the active barcodes associated with a user account
  • Retrieve specific barcode details


The Webhooks API allows Partners to generate test webhooks and enables users to receive the following types of notifications occurring on their account:

  • Transaction Events
  • Statement Ready Events
  • Account Updated Events
  • Interest Paid Events
  • ACH Transfer Events
  • Failed Transfer Events
  • NOC Alert Events
  • User Updated Events
  • Card Updated Events
  • Check Updated Events
  • eWallet Events
  • Bill Payment Events
  • Paper Check Events
  • Paper Check Order Events
  • Mail Tracking Events
  • Promotional Transactions Events
  • Adjustment Final Status Events
  • MRDC Check Deposit Events
  • P2P Transfers Events
  • ATM Pin Update Events
  • Auto Money Movement (AMM) Events
  • Changes to Recurring SCC Plans
  • Locked Identity Theft Account Activity