Statements APIs can be used to retrieve statement information.

Statements API Endpoints

List Available Statements

This endpoint obtains a list of available statements for an account.

Structure of API Call

GET /programs/{programCode}/accounts/{accountIdentifier}/statements

Response Parameters

responseDetails, code,subCode,description ,urlSee Response Details
statementsA list of statements that are ready for the user.
accountIdentiferUnique identifier for an account.
statementPeriodThe period of the statement based on the end date of the statement in the form YYYYMM. This value is then used to retrieve a specific eStatement
statementPeriodStartDateDisplays the start date of the statement period.
statementPeriodEndDateDisplays the end date of the statement period.

eStatements List

All available eStatements will be included in the accountholder’s online Statements list. The Statements list may become long over time, so it is recommended that Partners:

  • Limit the list to 2 years or less
  • Implement a hide/unhide tab for accountholders to view eStatements older than 2 years

Retrieve a PDF Statement

This endpoint allows the retrieval of a PDF statement for an account and for a given period. The PDF will be base64 coded and it will return the transaction details on all transaction types.

Structure of API Call

GET /programs/{programCode}/accounts/{accountIdentifier}/statements/{statementPeriod}

API Call Structure Parameters

statementPeriodStringPathRequiredThe time period covered by a user’s monthly account statement, depending on the number of days during the month. Normally between 28 and 33 days. Its purpose is to summarize the economic activity of the account from the start to the end date. Note: Must be in the form YYYYMM.
accountIdentifierStringPathRequiredUnique identifier for an account.

Response Codes

The eStatement for the time period requested cannot be generated5000interest Error: Cannot get interest

eStatement Interest Details

Programs configured for the Interest Rate feature only:

  • The following changes will be made to the eStatement interest details section:
    • The following changes will be made to the eStatement interest details section:
    • Interest Paid Year to Date – Will reflect the posted YTD interest total amount
  • Example 1:
    • When the Billing Cycle 2 eStatement is generated, the interest amount in the interest details section will be:
      • Interest Earned this Period - $0.08
      • Interest Paid Year to Date - $0.01
eStatementPeriod Start DatePeriod End DateInterest DueInterest Posting Date
Billing Cycle 1 eStatement2020-05-222020-06-220.012020-06-25
Billing Cycle 2 eStatement2020-06-222020-07-210.082020-07-25

Example 2:

  • The account’s billing cycles are on the following schedule and the Interest Paid Year to Date is $1 USD for each billing cycle. When eStatement 13 is generated, the Interest Paid Year to Date will be reset to $1 USD.
eStatementPeriod Start DatePeriod End DateInterest Earned this PeriodInterest Posting DateInterest Paid Year to Date
Statement 12020-01-222020-02-211.002020-02-250.00
Statement 22020-02-222020-03-211.002020-03-251.00
Statement 32020-03-222020-04-211.002020-04-252.00
Statement 42020-04-222020-05-211.002020-05-253.00
Statement 52020-05-222020-06-211.002020-06-254.00
Statement 62020-06-222020-07-211.002020-07-255.00
Statement 72020-07-222020-08-211.002020-08-256.00
Statement 82020-08-222020-09-211.002020-09-257.00
Statement 92020-09-222020-10-211.002020-10-258.00
Statement 102020-10-222020-11-211.002020-11-259.00
Statement 112020-11-222020-12-211.002020-12-2510.00
Statement 122020-12-222021-01-211.002021-01-2511.00
Statement 132021-01-222021-02-211.002021-02-251.00
Statement 142021-02-222021-03-211.002021-03-252.00

What’s Next

See the Interest Rate or Statements pages for more information.