Ping Check

PingCheck API Method

This method verifies the connectivity with FSC service.


Every request triggered should have unique X-GD-RequestId value in the header.


GET {baseUrl}/system/ping

Example Request

Success Request

GET {baseUrl}/system/ping
Authorization: bearer {token}
X-GD-RequestId: 201309181254

Negative Request

GET {baseUrl}/system/ping
Authorization: bearer {token}

Request Parameters

ParameterRequired (Y/N)Format/ Data TypePatternDescription
X-GD-RequestIdYesStringMaxLength:50It is a unique transaction identifier that is generated by the retailer.

Example Response

Success Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
X-GD-RequestId: 201309181254
X-GD-ResponseId: 583775d2-78d6-4735-8fed-e02a2c35bf51
X-GD-ResponseCode: 0
    "metadata": {
        "requestId": "201309181254",
        "responseCode": 0,
        "responseDescription": "Success",
        "responseDateTime": "2013-09-18T17:53:07.1411753Z",
        "responseId": "583775d2-78d6-4735-8fed-e02a2c35bf51"

Negative Response

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: application/json
X-GD-ResponseId: e1f91ff3-e8b1-4337-be55-b6457edcb29b
X-GD-ResponseCode: 100
    "responseDescription":"RequestId is required"

Response Parameters

ParameterRequired(Y/N)Format/Data TypePatternDescription
requestIdYesStringMaxLength:50The unique request ID generated from the request.
responseIdYesStringMaxLength:50The unique response identifier (generated by GreenDot).
responseDateTimeYesDateTime2023-09-07T16:12:23.4541445+08:00Time stamp at which transaction occurred.
The time stamp is in UTC time zone and follow the following date and time formats:

responseCodeYesNumericMaxLength:4Indicates success and failure of the response codes. It is in the numeric format.
responseDescriptionYesStringMaxLength:255Describes the Response Code in more detail. It is in the String format.

Response Cases

100InvalidParameterInvalid parameter in the request. Value is not provided or in correct form. Examples: RequestId not supplied.