Response & Error Codes

Response Codes

HTTP Status codeCodeDescriptionExample
2xx0SuccessReturned if operation was successful
503950Operation FailedReturned when an internal exception occurred on the Partner’s side (i.e. database connection error) which prevented operation from being completed
400951Invalid RequestReturned when GD’s request is missing a required parameter, malformed, etc. and cannot be completely parsed on Partner’s end. Should be accompanied with subCode 602 and include the missing or invalid values
2xx954RejectedReturned when Partner is explicitly rejecting or declining a transaction. Should be accompanied with the correct corresponding subCode

Sub Codes

601System Error
602Invalid or Missing
603Barcode Expired
604Barcode Cancelled
605Barcode Already Consumed
606Barcode Pending Consumption
607Barcode Amount Exceeds Limits
608Barcode Amount is Below the Minimum Amount Required
609Barcode Amount is Above the Maximum Amount Allowed
610Barcode Voided
611Account Blocked
612Account Not Eligible
613Account Closed
614Card Expired
615Card Lost or Stolen
616Customer Blocked
617General Decline
622Limit Exceeded - Monthly
623Limit Exceeded - Per transaction
624Potential Fraud Detected
625Not Found
626Limit Exceeded - Daily
627Limit Exceeded - Weekly
630Claim Code Status is Not in a Status which can be Cancelled
632Already committed, cannot be Voided
633Already Voided, cannot be Committed
634Access Token Expired