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Transfer API

Responses for Funding Requests

Response objects for all funding types follow a similar format.

Response Objects

Status Description
LinkID The unique identifier for the linked account.
LinkURI The link URL to be used in transfer requests
Status Customer status. A status of Verified indicates that the customer can initiate transfers. See the Customer Status table in Create/Retrieve Customer Profile for additional field values.
ResponseCode A response code of 0 indicates success. See Response Codes for possible response codes.
ResponseMessage A response message of Success indicates success. See Response Codes for other response codes.
ResponseDate Response date and time.

Response Sample


 “linkid”: “0738054c-a715-4c90-af4c-ad99bae91abc”,

 “linkuri”: “”,

 “status”: “Verified”,

 “responsecode”: “0”,

 “responsemessage”: “Success”,

 “responsedate”: “2015-10-02T09:00:000Z”