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Account API Overview

The Account Service allows the user to submit customer profile information, process the submitted profile information through Green Dot’s validation engine, and create a Green Dot account after successful validation.

How the Account API Works

In order to create an account for a customer, the Account API uses three basic steps. A temporary RegistrationID is generated for the customer, and then the customer’s profile is validated. After validation, the RegistrationID can be used to create an account for the customer.

1. Using customer information, create a registration profile with a POST /registrations request. This step returns a RegistrationID for the customer.

2. Validate the RegistrationID with a POST /registrations/{RegistrationID}/validate request.

3. Create an account for the validated RegistrationID with a POST /accounts request.

In addition, a number of other methods are available to assist in customer profile validation and account maintenance.

Profile Creation and Validation

Create Registration Profile 
POST /registrations generates a customer profile and returns a RegistrationID.

Get Registration Profile 
GET /registrations/{RegistrationID} retrieves the customer profile’s status.

Associate Registration and Package 
PUT registrations/{RegistrationID}/packages associates the RegistrationID with the PackageID printed on the card packaging.

Validate Out of Wallet Questions
POST /registrations/{RegistrationID}/outofwalletanswers/validate sends the customer’s answers to Out of Wallet questions in the request.

Validate Registration Profile
POST /registrations/{RegistrationID}/validate performs validations on the customer’s profile, and sets the Status to Validated.

Account Creation and Maintenance

Create Account
POST /accounts creates an account for a customer with a Status of Validated.

Activate Card
POST /accounts/cards creates an account for a customer with a Status of Validated, and activates the package of the provided package ID.

Update Account Profile
PUT /accounts/{AccountID} updates the customer’s email address.

Get Account Information
GET /accounts/{AccountID} retrieves the bank information for an existing account.

Get Account Update Status 
GET /accounts/{AccountID}/profile retrieves the status of an email update request.