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Validate Registration Profile

POST /registrations/{RegistrationID}/validate

This method validates a registration profile with a specific RegistrationID. If validation is successful, the value of the profile’s Status field will be set to Validated. If validation fails, the value of the Status field is Failed. If more information is required before the registration profile can be validated, the response includes the same particulars of the information needed that are included in the response for the GET /registrations/{RegistrationID} method described under Get Registration Profile.

There are several types of validation possible:

Request Object

Field Type Format Required Description
RegistrationID String Max 19 characters Yes RegistrationID to validate

Response Object

Field Description
ResponseCode See below
ResponseDescription See below
OOWQuiz Security questions for customers. This field is populated only if customer has a status of Pending Out of Wallet Questions (ResponseCode 60). See Validate Out Of Wallet Questions for details of fields in response.

Response Codes

Response Code Detail Code Response Message
0 Validated (without qualifiers)
30 Validated; non-reloadable verified
40 Validated; documents required

Validation Failed

2010 Address verification failure

Age verification failure (under age)

2030 Fraud check failure
2040 Ineligible for account
2050 Too many accounts
60 Validated; Out of Wallet questions

Error Sample


 “ResponseCode”: “50”,

 “ResponseDescription”: “Validation Failed”,

 “ResponseDetail”: {

  “ResponseDetailCode”: “2010”,

  “ResponseDetailDescription”: “Address verification failure”