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Account API

Transfer API

Response Codes

If a request fails, the ResponseCode field indicates the type of failure. Some errors also generate a ResponseDetail code with further details about the failure.

Response Code Response Message Response Detail Success/Fail
0 Success Success
1 No response received for the API request within a pre-defined period Fail
11 No record found Fail
20 Invalid customer Fail
40 Invalid card status Fail
41 Card not found Fail
50 Parameter invalid Fail
51 Missing parameter or exceeded max length for field Fail
52 Invalid Amount Fail
70 Invalid partneridentifier Fail
80 Limits Exceeded 3010: Sender limit exceeded Fail
3020: Recipient limit exceeded
90 Validation Failed 3030: Invalid recipient account Fail
3040: Other validation failure
3041: Invalid CustomerID
4010: Missing PartnerIdentifier
4020: Invalid PartnerIdentifier
91 Card Load Failed Fail
99 Non-successful - unspecified Fail
100 Internal exception Fail
101 Internal exception - call to other services failed Fail
102 Partner service return failure Fail
103 Customer is blocked Fail
112 ProgramPartnerIdentifier is not supported Fail
113 Transfer ID is already completed Fail
114 Verify account key failed Fail
123 Failed in GDN AuthCommit Fail
131 Invalid card Fail
153 Personalized card not yet activated Fail
159 Partially funded Fail
160 Load not allowed Fail
161 Card lost or stolen Fail
162 Personalized card not found Fail
163 Card account closed Fail
164 Card account blocked Fail
165 Card not registered Fail

Error Sample


 “ResponseCode”: “80”,

 “ResponseDescription”: “Limits Exceeded”,

 “ResponseDate”: “2015-10-03T09:00:000Z”

 “ResponseDetail”: {

  “ResponseDetailCode”: “3020”,

  “ResponseDetailDescription”: “Recipient Limit Exceeded”