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Error Codes for HTTP Status Codes

Status Code Description Additional Error Code Description
200 Response Codes 0 Validated
30 Validated; Non-reloadable
40 Validated; Documents required
50 Validation failed
60 Out of Wallet Questions
200 Response Details for Response Code 50 2010 Address verification failure
2020 Age verification failure (under age)
2030 Fraud check failure
2040 Ineligible to obtain account
2050 Too many accounts
2060 Other validation failures
400 Malformed request; missing fields, incorrect data, or malformed input structure. Fail. 1010 Invalid RequestID Header
1020 Invalid EndUserSecurityID Header
1030 Invalid EndUserIP header
1040 Invalid AcceptedTermsAndConditions
1050 Invalid FirstName
1060 Invalid LastName
1070 Invalid DateOfBirth
1080 Invalid Address1
1090 Invalid Address2
1100 Invalid City
1110 Invalid State
1120 Invalid ZIP
1130 Invalid HomePhone
1140 Invalid Cellphone
1150 Invalid Email
1160 Invalid SSN
1170 Invalid RegistrationId
1180 Invalid AccountId
1185 Invalid QuizId
1190 Invalid Answers
1200 Invalid QuestionId
1210 Invalid ChoiceId
1220 Invalid PackageID
1230 Invalid Amount
1320 A home or cell phone number is required
404 Resource does not exist. Fail. 1240 RegistrationID does not exist
1250 PackageID does not exist
409 Request could not be completed due to the current state of the resource. 10 Provided email address is already associated with an existing account
20 Provided Social Security Number is already associated with an existing account
70 Declined Terms and Conditions
80 Account profile is in Completed state and cannot be modified
1215 The registration does not have a Status of Validated
1250 Package ID does not exist
1260 PackageID has been Deprecated
1270 Registration ID is not Validated
1280 Packageid has already been activated
1290 Registrationid has been previously associated with a different packageid
1300 amount was not within allowed limits
1310 RegistrationID has a status other than Created
1330 Package ID has been activated
1340 This registrationid already exists in our system **and** is in the completed status; the registrationid cannot be validated again
1350 No packageid associated with registrationid

Error Response Sample

{“Errors”: [


  “ErrorCode”: “1170”,

  “ErrorDescription”: “Invalid RegistrationId”