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Get Transfers by Customer

GET /transfers/customers/{customerID}/startdate/{startdate}/enddate/{enddate}

This method retrieves a list of up to 25 transfers for a specified customer and a given partner identifier.


Field Description
CustomerID Customer ID for the query.
StartDate Optional. In the format MM-DD-YYYY. If start date is provided, end date is mandatory.
EndDate Required if StartDate is provided. Format MM-DD-YYYY

Sample Usage

GET /transfers/customers/950e4868-9f51-4a08-96a7-fcad96c4458e


 "partnerprogramidentifier": "TST_TPG_RFTRFND_GOBANKCRD",

 "customerid": "bae21712-eb6b-4b41-812b-ed51a69a14fd",

 "statuscode": 2,

 "status": "Completed",

 "statusreason": "TransferCompleted",

 "claimcode": "a98356f6-458e-46c4-ada6-6a26f9a71ab8",

 "claimcodeexpirationdate": null,

 "source": {

  "name": "Bin Zhang",

  "id": "tst002",


 "destination": {

  "name": "",

  "id": "d74a9606-577e-401f-8b19-1e3e1c7b1f79",


 "transaction": {

  "amount": 40,

  "currency": "USD",

  "description": "TST_TPG_RFTRFND_GOBANKCRD",

  "transactiondate": "2015-10-29T04:13:05.11Z",

  "lastmodifieddate": "2015-10-29T04:13:05.11Z"


 "responsecode": 0,

 "responsemessage": "Success",

 "responsedate": "2015-11-03T20:07:39.670097Z",


 "responsedetail": {

  "internalresponsedetailcode": 0,

  "responsedetailcode": 0,

  "responsedetaildescription": ""