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Get Links by Link ID

GET /links/linkID/{linkID}

Gets a list of link info related to the specified LinkID.

Response Objects

Field Description
PartnerProgramIdentifier Unique ID provided by Green Dot for the given partner program
CustomerLinks List of customer link details
CardLinks List of card link details
CashLinks List of cash link details
GdAccountLinks List of Green Dot account link details
MoneyPakLinks List of MoneyPak link details
ResponseCode A response code of 0 indicates success; 90 indicates that the request failed.
ResponseMessage A response message of Success indicates that the request was successful.
ResponseDate Response date and time.
ResponseDetail Further detail with error codes, if any

Response Sample

GET /links/linkid/c2dc6271-8c51-4abf-af72-533b1e8e077f


 "CustomerLinks": []

 "CardLinks": []

 "CashLinks": [


   "recipientfirstname": "Joe",

   "recipientlastname": "Smith",

   "recipientemail": "",

   "recipientphone": "6265556666",

   "recipientidentificationid": "D667",

   "recipientidentificationtype": "1",

   "recipientidentificationissuedby": null,

   "recipientidentificationexpirationdate": "2015-11-12T15:34:49",

   "recipientaddress": "456 burnside ave",

   "recipientcity": "beverly hills",

   "recipientstate": "CA",

   "recipientzipcode": "91138",

   "recipientdateofbirth": "1978-01-14T00:00:00",

   "recipientsocialsecuritynumber": "zQMqCMocJgRt8qqf5eigpw==",

   "customerid": "joesmithtest",

   "linkid": "ea0af6c1-adf2-4f46-96e4-93999a7a9e0b",

   "linkuri": "",

   "status": "verified"



 "gdaccountlinks": [],

 "moneypaklinks": [],

 "responsecode": 0,

 "responsemessage": "Success",

 "responsedate": "2015-11-12T23:34:49.5678641Z",

 "responsedetail": {

  "responsedetailcode": 0,

  "responsedetaildescription": ""