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Get Customers by Phone or Email

GET /admin/customers?phoneNumber=xxx&email=xxx

This method returns one or more customers associated with a phone number or email address.

Response Objects

Field Description
Customers Complex object containing customer attributes/properties
CustomerID Unique CustomerID provided by partner or generated by Green Dot
PartnerProgramIdentifier Partner Program Identifier for customer
FirstName Customer’s first name
LastName Customer’s last name
IsActive Indicates whether customer is active or blocked; true/false value
PhoneNumber Customer’s phone number
Email Customer’s email address
DateOfBirth Customer date of birth
SocialSecurityNumber Customer social security number
Address1 Customer street address
Address2 Customer address line 2
City Customer city
State Customer state
ZipCode Customer's zip or postal code
CustomerCreateDate Date customer ID was created
ResponseCode A response code of 0 indicates success; 90 indicates that the request failed.
ResponseMessage A response message of Success indicates that the request was successful.
ResponseDate Response date and time.
ResponseDetail Further detail with error codes, if any

Response Sample

GET /admin/customers?phoneNumber=6162534111&


 "Customers": [


   "customerid": "9509123",

   "partnerprogramidentifier": "Direct2CashTest",

   "firstname": "john",

   "lastname": "doe",

   "isactive": "true",

   "phonenumber": "6162534111",

   "email": "",

   "dateofbirth": null,

   "socialsecuritynumber": null,

   "address1": null,

   "address2": null,

   "city": null,

   "state": null,

   "zipcode": null,

   "customercreatedate": "2016-01-26T08:45:24.577Z"



   "customerid": "9509123",

   "partnerprogramidentifier": "MPMobCard",

   "firstname": "Sarah",

   "lastname": "Simpson",

   "isactive": true,

   "phonenumber": "6162534111",

   "email": "",

   "dateofbirth": "1978-01-14",

   "socialsecuritynumber": "555123456",

   "address1": "123 Main St",

   "address2": "Apt 51",

   "city": "Pasadena",

   "state": "CA",

   "zipcode": "91017",

   "customercreatedate": "2016-01-26T08:42:24.013Z"



 "responsecode": "0",

 "responsemessage": "Success",

 "responsedate": "2015-10-02T09:00:000Z"

 "responsedetail": {

  "responsedetailcode": 0,

  "responsedetaildescription": "Success"