Developer API


Account API

Transfer API

Create/Retrieve Customer Profile

POST /customers/{customerID}

This request establishes the customer’s CustomerID, profile, and unique CustomerURL link for transfers.

If the customer’s AccountID is known or can be retrieved, this request is unnecessary. See How the Transfer API Works: Green Dot Account Holders.

Customer Status

Responses for customer requests include a Status field that indicates whether transfers can be initiated for the customer.

Status Description
Unverified Customer verification is pending. Wait until customer is verified before initiating transfer request. Transfer requests for unverified customers will fail.
Verified Customer is verified. Transfer requests may be initiated for this customer.
FailedVerification Customer verification failed. Customer verification process must be restarted in order to verify this customer. Transfer requests for customers with this status will fail.

Request Objects

Field Type Format Required Description
FirstName String Max 25 characters Yes Customer’s first name
LastName String Max 25 characters Yes Customer’s last name
Email String Max 255 characters: Yes Customer’s verified email address
PhoneNumber String Exactly 10 characters No Customer’s verified phone number
DateOfBirth String Valid formats:
No Date of birth

Request Sample

POST /customers/


 “FirstName”: “John”,

 “LastName”: “Doe”,

 “Email”: “”,

 “PhoneNumber”: “4085551234”

 “DateOfBirth": "10-09-1967"


Response Objects

If the request is successful, the CustomerID and CustomerURI are returned.

Status Description
CustomerID The unique CustomerID for the customer. If the CustomerID is not provided in the request or a CustomerID is not found to match the information in the request, a new CustomerID is generated.
CustomerURI The unique URL to use in the transfer request as the source or destination link.
Status A status of Verified indicates that the CustomerURL can be used for transfers. See Customer Status table.
ResponseCode A response code of 0 indicates success. See Response Codes for possible response codes.
ResponseMessage A response message of Success indicates success.
ResponseDate Response date and time.

Response Sample


 “CustomerID”: “950e4868-9f51-4a08-96a7-fcad96c4458e”,

 “CustomerURI”: “”,

 “Status”: “Verified”,

 “ResponseCode”: “0”,

 “ResponseMessage”: “Success”,

 “ResponseDate”: “2015-10-02T09:00:000Z”