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Create Registration Profile

POST /registrations

A registration profile is a temporary holder for registeree information prior to account creation. This method creates a temporary registration profile for the customer as a first step toward creating an account.

If the request is successful, a RegistrationID is returned which can be used in further steps toward account creation.

Request Objects

Field Type Format Required Description
AcceptedTermsAndConditions Boolean true or false Yes Sets whether end user accepted Green Dot’s Legal Terms and Conditions. Must be true or call will fail.
FirstName String Max 25 characters Yes Customer’s first name
LastName String Max 25 characters Yes Customer’s last name
DateOfBirth String YYYY-MM-DD Yes Customer’s date of birth
Address1 String Max 35 characters Yes Customer’s address line 1
Address2 String Max 35 characters No Customer’s address line 2
City String Max 25 characters Yes City for address
State String Max 2 characters Yes State abbreviation for address
Zip String Exactly 5 characters Yes Zip/postal code for address
HomePhone String Exactly 10 characters No Home phone number, digits only
CellPhone String Exactly 10 characters Yes Cell phone number, digits only
Email String Max 255 characters Yes Customer’s email address
SSN String Exactly 9 characters Yes Customer’s social security number, digits only

Request Sample

POST /registrations/


 “AcceptedTermsAndConditions”: “true”,

 “FirstName”: “John”,

 “LastName”: “Doe”,

 “DateOfBirth”: “1970-01-23”,

 “Address1”: “123 Main St”,

 “City”: “Smithtown”,

 “State”: “CA”,

 “Zip”: “91234”,

 “CellPhone”: “4085551234”,

 “Email”: “”,

 “SSN”: “012345678”


Response Object

If the request is successful, the RegistrationID is returned.

Field Description
RegistrationID 7-digit Registration ID to be used to register the customer for an account

Response Sample


 “RegistrationID”: “1039878”