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Account API

Transfer API

Create Account

POST /accounts

This method creates an account from a validated Registration ID. If account creation is successful, the value of the registration profile’s Status field will be set to Completed, and an account will be created for the Registration ID.

The AccountID returned can be used to create transfers with the Transfer API.

If an existing account is found for the Registration ID, the AccountID for the existing account is returned.

Request Object

Field Type Format Required Description
RegistrationID String Max 19 characters Yes RegistrationID to use to create account

Response Object

Field Description
AccountID Account reference ID. The AccountID may be used in requests in the Transfer API.
BankName Bank name
ABARoutingNumber ABA routing number for bank
ACHRefNumber ACH reference number for this account

Response Sample


 “AccountID”: “abcd1234”,

 “BankName”: “Green Dot Bank”,

 “ABARoutingNumber”: “XXXYYYYC”,

 “ACHRefNumber”: “12341234”