Developer API


Account API

Transfer API

Common Response Detail Code

ResponseCode Description
0 Success
10 Unspecified
3010 Sender limit exceeded
3020 Recipient limit exceeded
3030 Invalid recipient account
3040 Other validation failures
3041 Invalid customer id
3042 There is no customer profile information by the customerID and PartnerProgramIdentifier
3043 Missing partner program configuration
3044 Invalid userId
3045 Invalid password
3046 Partner Program Identifier is not allowed for this api
4010 Missing partner identifier
4020 Invalid partner identifier
4030 PartnerProgramChannel not supported
4040 Amount cannot be less than or equal to 0
4050 OriginationRequestId cannot be empty
4060 SourceProfile's CustomerID cannot be empty
4070 TargetProfile's CustomerID cannot be empty
4080 Request is null
4090 Invalid currency
4110 Invalid target profile
4120 Invalid source profile type
4230 Invalid target profile type
4240 Invalid transfer request status
4250 Missing request id
4260 Missing request transaction
4270 Missing request transferobject
4280 Missing partner service configuration
4290 Missing partner target uri
4300 Missing target customer information
4310 Missing target profile
4320 Missing channel configuration
4330 Missing target profile token
4340 Mismatch source customer and target customer
4350 The program is not supported
4360 Missing customer id
4370 Missing profile token
4380 Invalid transaction date
4390 Invalid transfer id
5010 Error when calling partner service
5020 Missing Encrypted String
5030 Customer Verification Failed




 "responsemessage":"No record found",




  "responsedetaildescription":"There is no customer profile information by the customerID and PartnerProgramIdentifier"}