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Card Link

POST /customers/{customerID}/links/type/card

A card request generates a link for a debit or credit card.

Card Request Objects

Field Type Format Required Description
AccountToken String Max 50 characters Yes The token representing the PAN number of the source or destination debit/prepaid card
Isgdn Boolean True/false Yes A flag indicating whether the card is a GDN card. Default value is false when omitted.
Last4Digits String Max 4 characters: Yes The last 4 digits of the PAN of the source or destination debit/prepaid card.
Nickname String Max 30 characters No The nickname to associate with the link.

Card Request Code Sample

POST /customers/950e4868-9f51-4a08-96a7-fcad96c4458e/links/card


 “AccountNumber”: “5490123498761357”,

 “ExpirationDate”: “2018-08”,

 “Cvv2”: “1234”,

 “Address1”: “3465 E Foothill Blvd.”,

 “Address2”: “Suite 100”,

 “City”: “Pasadena”,

 “State”: “CA”,

 “ZipCode”: “91107”