Developer API


Account API

Transfer API


POST /customers/{customerid}/links/type/bankcards


Field Type Format Required Description
firstname String Max 25 characters Yes Card holder's first name
middlename String Max 25 characters No Card holder's middle name
lastname String Max 25 characters Yes Card holder’s last name
accountnumber String Max 20 characters Yes The pan number of the source or destination debit/prepaid card
expirymonth String Max 2 characters Yes MM (01 for Jan, 12 for Dec)
expiryyear String Max 4 characters Yes YYYY (Ex: 2016)
nickname String Max 30 characters No The nick name to associate with the link
address1 String Max 30 characters No Address Line 1
address2 String Max 255 characters No Address Line 2
city String Max 55 characters No City name
state String Max 2 characters No Abbreviation of the State
Ex: CA, OH
country String Max 3 characters No ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 Country Code
Ex: CA, OH
postalcode String Max 50 characters No Postal Code of the address

Response Object

POST Request



 “firstname”:  “John”,

 “middlename”:  “Jacob”,

 “lastname”:  “Doe”,

 “accountnumber”:  “5102589999999970”,

 “expirymonth”:  “12”,

 “expiryyear”:  “2020”,

 “nickname”:  “my new card”,

 “address1”:  “3465 E Foothill Blvd”,

 “address2”:  “ste 100”,

 “city”:  “Pasadena”,

 “state”:  “CA”,

 “country”:  “USA”,

 “postalcode”:  “91107”




 “linkid”:  “07ea72d8-d4c0-4a2f-a854-8e59b3a7d5e8”,

 “linkuri”:  “”,

 “status”:  “Verified”,

 “fundsavailability”:  “IMMEDIATE”,

 “responsecode”:  “0”,

 “responsemessage”:  “Success”,

 “responsedate”:  “2015-10-02T09:00:000Z”