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Account API

Transfer API

Activate Card

POST /accounts/cards

This method activates the card and completes the account registration for the associated Registration ID.

Request Object

Field Type Format Required Description
RegistrationID String Max 19 characters Yes RegistrationID for which to register account
PackageID String Exactly 13 characters Yes Package ID printed on card packaging
Amount Decimal 9999.99 No Amount to be loaded onto the account once it is created. The amount is subject to internal limits. If no amount is provided, the account will be created with a zero balance.

Request Sample


 “RegistrationID”: “3265410”,

 “PackageID”: “7311479216815”,

 “Amount”: “0”


Response Object

Field Description<
AccountID Account reference ID. The AccountID may be used in requests in the Transfer API.
BankName Bank name
ABARoutingNumber ABA routing number for bank
ACHRefNumber ACH reference number for the account